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Hello, I'm Courtney

I am the owner of BeSpoke Nutrition and Health Coaching LLC. I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). I specialize in health, nutrition, and functional wellness. Several years ago, I was probably a lot like you. My journey began over 17 years ago when I was diagnosed with some serious health issues, several autoimmune related. I ate well, I exercised and thought that I managed my stress well ... until that one day when everything changed. Having a health crisis can be scary. I've been there. Diet, food, what to eat, what not to eat - it can be confusing! Especially when you're faced with needing to make. After several years I got better. I actually changed careers as my health vastly improved and I wanted to share what optimal health means and can look like for others. After studying functional nutrition from a diet & lifestyle point of view and becoming not only a certified health and life coach, I became a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) because doing things the right way, in the right order is essential to who I am. I am committed to empowering others on their own health journeys. I offer guidance, backed up by evidence based research. Together with you, we not only get results, but to the root of the problem, not just treating your symptoms. I have learned so much on my journey and am committed to helping others find time for vital nutrition, movement. Don't let that negative inner voice stop you or slow you down. Vibrant health is freedom to do and live as you please! I invite you to connect with me in a safe, judgment free environment and begin embracing postive change and healthy habits that will transform your health, life, and wellbeing.

— Courtney

Client Love!

“Courtney is wholesome and caring. What she says she means. She genuinely believes in me without any conditions. She is really good at drawing out my thoughts and experiences. She asks me adequate questions so that I could reflect on my behaviors and hidden habits that I didn't even notice before! “


“I love these sessions. The lack of judgment and openness makes it easy to self-assess and reflect. I came to Courtney and BeSpoke for nutrition and diet help, but my Imposter Syndrome has disappeared. I felt so confident last week in a meeting. Who knew it would take these sessions to make me feel that level of confidence.”


“If you’re ready for some change work, look to Courtney to get you there. She’s outstanding at helping you get to the core of what’s stopping you, and makes what seems insurmountable before seem possible. Her combination of coaching and nutrition means that she has a broad knowledge base with which to support you and your journey to healthier living.”


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